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All our Oomeo remedies, balms and salves are 100% natural, handcrafted products for you, your home and your pets.

They are made from the best quality ingredients that nature has to offer, frequently inspired by traditional remedies, aboriginal remedies and our own family’s needs.

A little always goes a really long way and we hope you enjoy the Oomeo range as much as we do!

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25g Fresh Beard Balm

Beard Balms

Another Oomeo range of fully natural balms and this time for men. The constant washing, shaving, trimming, hot, cold can take its toll on a man’s face. Itchy skin and unwieldy beards and facial hair, can be soothed by daily care with a beard balm.

In 4 flavours, there is one to suit every taste and as always a little always goes a really long way!

Use code ILOVEBEARDS for 5% off any of our beard balms.


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Be zen balm

Allow the essential oils to relax your mind and calm your thoughts

Vegan dog balm

A vegan balm for your dog’s nose and paws

Wintergreen muscle rub

A winter warming muscle rub to help soothe tired limbs!

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Essential oil balms, proprietary blends and pure essential oils

Aromatherapy accessories

Necklace and bracelet diffusers and replacement pads

Beard balm and oil

Natural beard balms and oils in 4 scents

Lip care

All natural, moisturising lip balms for day and for night

Muscle rubs

Natural rubs for muscles and joints, legs, necks and back

Pet care

Natural pet care remedies, balms and sprays. See wholesale pet care too!

Skin and nail care

Natural balms, salves and remedies for skin and nails


Natural, gentle products for household use

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We have four ingredient categories which include butters and carrier oils which are the conduits for essential oils.

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