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Oomeo exists today to help people find natural relief to the many ailments, aches and pains we face during our busy lives. Whether you have a condition, you are a sports person or an office worker, you have no doubt experienced soreness, dryness or muscle pain at some point in your life. Oomeo brings you a range of natural, hand-crafted products to manage and soothe them away. We don’t use any chemicals, simply natural products like essential oils and organic flavours, butters and beeswax.

Why the name Oomeo? The idea originated with the idea of bringing Emu Oil and Essential Oils together to harness the natural soothing powers of both. Having also spent time in Australia finding a passion for aboriginal art and the aboriginal way of life, we wanted to represent that ethos in our remedies and, naturally, our name!

And the product? We don’t bulk out our products with water, we don’t use Petrolatum, Parabens, Preservatives, Chemicals or Artificial ingredients. Our products are natural and a little goes a really long way!

We are not medical experts and therefore the information we share with you is based on our own experiences and research as well as feedback from our customers. Because our products contain Essential Oils, we do recommend that if you are pregnant, you consult a doctor before using them. And of course, please do read the ingredient labels to check that you are not sensitive to anything we use in our products and before use!

Read about our story to setting up Oomeo Ltd. and the ingredients we use.

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