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Another little known Butter, Murumuru Butter, unlike Bacuri Butter, has quite a light, nutty smell to it. Interestingly though, it was highly prized in Europe during the 40s and 50s as a component part of soaps and creams.

Murumuru, or Astrocaryum murumuru, is a palm tree native to Brazil and of which the seeds are pressed to obtain the butter.

It absorbs into the skin super speedily and it is not greasy, which makes it great for skin moisturising products – it also works as well on greasy, oily and sensitive skins. And in addition, Murumuru Butter is also used for hair products.

We love it for our Amazonian Muscle Rub and we are looking at making a Murumuru lip balm due to it fabulous lip moisturising abilities!

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