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Essential Oils: What are they?

Essential oils are oils that are extracted through steam or water distillation (primarily) from leaves, roots or seeds of the plants / shrubs to produce a concentrated form of the plant itself. Effectively they are a condensed version or “essence” of the plant (flowers and / or roots and / or leaves etc.) and all its goodness.

They have been used for thousands of years, and still are used to this day, to provide natural remedies for or relief from an immense variety of ailments or niggles; either used in conjunction with carrier oils and butters, or sometimes on their own. There are also many accounts of them being used for all sorts of things like for cleaning, for their aromas, for massage therapy, for skin care, for hair care, for pain relief and so much more.

For example:

It is well-documented that the native tribes of North America have been known to use Wintergreen for fatigue and pain relief for as long as anyone can remember. Or Tea Tree Essential Oil is very commonly used in many products and creams – who doesn’t have Tea Tree Essential Oil is some form about their homes?

They can be used as complementary remedies to our modern times prescriptions and are commonly mixed with Carrier Oils and / or Butters to help them absorb deep into the skin.

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