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Calendula Flower Extract is very commonly used in natural remedies due to wide and varied properties. It is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is used for a variety of health related benefits.

The extract is made from the flowers of the Calendula plant and is extracted through steam distillation processes. Calendula is also used in many oil infusions and you can find many recipes on the internet for making such infusions at home.

The plant itself is very popular amongst gardeners, being commonly seen in British gardens. It produces wonderfully vibrant yellow and orange flowers and can grow to between 40 and 60 centimeters in height. Calendula plants, which can be found widely and globally these days, are however native to Europe. They are closely related to the Marigold (though not to be mistaken for one) and part of the Asteraceae family.

Why we use it and what do we use it in?


Calendula Flower Extract is anti-spasmodic and helps to reduce inflammation and soothe muscle pain. This means it helps relieve muscle spasms, aches and soreness so it is a worthy and useful ingredient in our Herbal Muscle Rubs (30ml and 60ml).

It is also commonly used for skin conditions such as Eczema or Dermatitis because it helps reduce inflammation and helps in the healing process generally. This is why we add it to our Dry Skin Salve.

Another common way Calendula Flower Extract is used is to help soothe sore, dry or chapped lips due to its moisturising properties. So we also use it in our Lip Balms, combining it with organic flavouring and other known nourishing ingredients, to give soft, smooth lips the natural way.

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