We are delighted to announce that our new range of beard balm care is now available on our website.

This range of beard care includes beard balms and we will shortly hopefully be adding beard oils and beard care gift boxes in time for Christmas. These proved to be very popular with our clients when we were testing the range on friends, family and on exhibitions and shows before last Christmas so we decided to add to our range of natural products.

Specially designed to be 100% natural care for soothing and moisturising beards. We have 4 available scents; there is an unscented option as well as menthol fresh, earthy woody and zesty citrus scents. The unscented option is made of a proprietary blend of butters and oils to give the deep moisturising and soothing sensation that beards and skin demand. The others contain that same proprietary blend but with the addition of essential oil. Our Fresh beard care contains peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils to give a minty, fresh aroma. The Woody beard care contains pine, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils. And the Citrus beard care contains Clementine and Lemon essential oils.


Why and how did we create and test our new beard balms?

Our Founder, Seb, has a goatee and a tache. He’s always hated shaving around them because the skin can get quite sensitive. And whilst there are some products out there, he wasn’t able to find one that worked well for him. So he decided to create something that he could use to calm and soothe his face as well as condition his beardy bits. He loves using the Citrus Beard Balm, so much so that he is now been growing his beard and no longer complains about the bits that get shaved each week. Something tells me Santa might have a run for his money this year!


And also…

We sell our beard balms in 25 gram or 40 gram aluminium tins which are recyclable. They are completely natural products with no additives, just simply good natural stuff.

They are great for soothing skin and beards and great for moisturising also! And like all of our ranges, a little beard balm goes an awful long way:) Why not treat the favourite men in your life to a unique and caring gift this Christmas! Use code ILOVEBEARDS for a 5% discount on beard balms.

Unscented beard balm