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The Virtues of Arnica

Arnica Flowers
Arnica Flowers

You may have heard of Arnica (and Arnica Flowers) before because it is a great natural remedy that has been used for centuries. It’s probably more well-known as a homeopathic remedy; it is indeed homeopathy that has brought it to the fore in more recent times.

So what is Arnica?

Arnica, or Arnica Montana, is a small-ish plant. It produces small yellow flowers that are not unlike a sunflower in look and give off a strong aroma.

Arnica as a remedy refers to the flower of the plant. You infuse the flowers slowly into oil which are then be combined with other oils, creams, butters to produce various balms, salves and rubs for topical use.

What uses does it have?

Arnica has a number of common modern day uses such as helping to heal bruising, muscle recovery, to reduce inflammation and swelling and to soothe muscle pains and aches.

It is believed that Arnica can reduce bruises, soothe bumps and help in the healing and recovery process due to its anti-inflammatory properties and its relaxing effect on the blood vessels. Anti-inflammatory properties also mean that it may help to reduce arthritis and joint pain, joint stiffness as well as general muscle pains.

In addition, many people and websites cite that it is a good remedy for other topical things such as insect bites and acne. This is due again to its anti-inflammatory and believed healing properties.

How do we use Arnica at Oomeo?

We use Arnica Flower Extract in a couple of different remedies:

  • Oomeo Arnica Salve which is primarily for use on bruises, bumps, sprains and aches. You don’t need much as a little goes a long way. And that little will help to
    Arnica Flower
    Arnica Flower

    speed up natural recovery and soothe / relive pain. Massage gently into the affected area up to 4 times per day.

  • Oomeo Herbal Muscle Rub, which is a natural, herbal rub designed to soothe muscles and pain, support the natural recovery process. Very popular due to our proprietary blend of Arnica, Calendula and Comfrey.
  • Lavender Muscle Rub is a natural rub designed to reduce neck and shoulder pain and stiffness; notably after a long day in the office or repetitive activities that create strain in those areas. Great just before bed to help relax and unwind.
  • Menthol Muscle Rub, which is a natural sports rub that has a cooling effect on muscles for post gym, post workout, post sports activities. The Arnica Flowers help in the recovery process.

Find out more about Arnica on or

Do you have other topical uses for Arnica?

If so, do let us know as we are always looking to develop new and natural products to add to our range and are always keen to hear from customers about what they would like us to develop.

We look forward to hearing from you on

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Oomeo Takes on Crafting Live in Coventry

Lizard Art

We’ll be travelling over to Coventry to take part in Crafting Live on 21st and 22nd September and we’d love to see you there. This is a great place for us to trade at given all our products are handmade, inspired from remedies of the past; that are excellent to help us through modern lives.

If you’ve never been before, Crafting Live Coventry is a fun packed event that takes place over the 2 days from 10 am – 5 pm. There are exhibitors with various crafting essentials, demonstrations, celebs and opportunities to support home grown local traders like myself. You’ll also find plenty of places to treat yourself to elevenses, brunch and lunch during the day.

Check out the website to find out more about the various activities such as Make and Takes, Masterclasses and which Celebrity Crafters will be demonstrating their crafts there.

We’ll be trading in the Bert & Gert’s Artisan Crafts area so that’s where you’ll find us. We’d love to talk to you about our vision of bringing natural remedies to modern day life; and talk through how we go about it.

We’ll be taking along our most popular products including (but not limited to of course):

  • Wintergreen Muscle Rub to help soothe muscle and joint pain, acting fast
  • Herbal Muscle Rub to help muscle recovery through the healing properties of Arnica, Calendula and Comfrey
  • Lavender Muscle Rub to help relieve muscle tightness, notably in sore shoulders and neck, and especially to help relax before bed
  • Walnut Butter, with Walnut Oil and Shea Butter, for deep moisturisation and packed full of antioxidants and B vitamins
  • Breathe Easy Balm, a rub or inhaled balm to soothe blocked noses and airways (soon to be added to website)
  • Arnica Salve, a hugely popular balm to soothe bumps and bruises

You can find Crafting Live Coventry at Stoneleigh Park, NAEC, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ. There is free parking at the event and the organisers are running a free shuttle service from Coventry train station too.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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At the West Midlands Game Fair this weekend, come and join us!

Dog Nose

At the West Midlands Game Fair this weekend, come and join us!

Having been many times before on a leisurely Sunday, we are very excited to be trading with our Oomeo range for the first time in the Craft Marquee at West Midlands Game Fair this 15th and 16th September 2018.

We love the West Midlands Game Fair because there are so many things to do; it’s fun for all the family and simply just a great day out for family and / or friends. There are workshops, food and drink galore, Falconry, a Clay Shooting Competition, lots of events with our furry doggie friends.

This fair celebrates our countryside and rural heritage and you can watch traditional crafts and craftsmen and women. Why not learn something new? For example: see leather work in practise or understand how to make objects out of willow. There are also lots of family fun activities with Bungee Trampolines, castles to bounce on, catapults, parrots and ferrets.

You have free parking, dogs of all sorts of shapes and sizes are welcome (and free to enter:)) and under 16s are free to enter also so a great incentive to bring along the whole family.

We will be bringing along our range of 100% natural Oomeo products, from our 6 Muscle Rubs, Arnica and Dry Skin Salves to our Body Butters and Dog Paw Balms. We’ll also be bringing along our latest additions:

  • Natural Sleep Balm: A natural way to help you relax, unwind and rest with aromas of Lavender, Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang. Just a touch on the neck and / or temples can help soothe away the stress of the day naturally.
  • Breathe Easy Balm: We all get colds and the chill start to set in at this time of year. Our Oomeo Breathe Easy Balm is a fully natural way to unblock noses and airways during the day or night. Rub onto your chest during the night to help relax and sleep. Or for day time use in particular, put a small pea-size amount into a mug, add warm water (around 70%, not boiling as that can destroy the essentials oils) and inhale from 15 cm distance. With Eucalyptus, Menthol and Camphor, it will help soothe those sniffles away.
  • Foot Balm: Not yet on our website, this foot balm is fully natural and helps to restore, invigorate and nourish. With Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and Vitamin E, your feet will be well taken care of.

We would love to see you in the Craft Marquee at the West Midlands Game Fair  this weekend. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Oomeo: Our Start Up Story

Oomeo Ltd.

Oomeo: Our Start Up Story

In the noughties an event happened that changed my life. I bought a cement barbecue that weighed a ton. In haste to see it built, I tried to piece it together on my own. Lifting a chunky piece of it, I suddenly felt like my back was about to explode. Dropping that chunk of cement, I thought no more of it; I had a sore back but hey, who hasn’t?

I thought no more about it but as months wore on I found that I started to get muscular pains in places that didn’t make sense. I’d always had bad posture and therefore neck pain, but I’d never had pain in my the muscles of my shins or my arms for no reason.

Initial trips to the doctors showed up nothing. I had x-rays, blood tests, bone checks, muscle checks but everything showed I was healthy. So I started physio sessions in a bid to at least try to manage the pain, then added acupuncture sessions.

As time wore on, the pains kept spreading and getting worse. To the point that I couldn’t sleep properly for the pain and discomfort; if I changed position I would have maybe 15 minutes before the pressure of touching the bed would create enough pain to wake me up. To the point that I could no longer climb hills and enjoy the outdoors with my family. To the point that I felt miserable and powerless to do anything.

Many more trips to the doctor’s surgery and hospital, and god only knows how many more additional tests, it was clear that the medical practitioners couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. I was still in agony and convinced there was something wrong with me.

In my quest to source relief for my severe muscular pains, I researched all possible conditions I might have and what possible remedies were out there. And I stumbled across an Emu Oil based muscle rub, quite accidentally, being made and sold by an Australian who was touring the local fairs.

I could instantly feel the soothing effects. My muscles felt less tight, I felt less pain. I was even able to take my dogs out for a walk without any notable pain for the first time in ages.

The natural progression from there was to start making my own muscle rubs. Leaving my job to set up the company with my partner, Heidi, I have loved every second from creating my product range (even through the sometimes disastrous first trials) to working on labels.

We’ve already branched out our Oomeo product range into all natural lip salves / balms as Heidi has suffered from dry lips since forever and are working on others.

And I have found that I just love the challenge of finding new recipes and extending the product range – I am always welcome to get suggestions if you have any!

They are not medical products, but they are products that are designed to soothe away your aches and pains whether they are activity-related or condition-related. And it is all natural goodness too.

For me, I still keep up the physio sessions and the acupuncture but much less frequently as I have my rubs that really help me to manage my aches and pains.

Thanks to the Oomeo muscle rubs, I am able to keep active and live a relatively normal life. My condition, whatever it may be, is still there and I have accepted that there is no cure, but I manage it well with the rubs and have recovered much of my former activity levels.

I hope that you will share in my passion for natural remedies and welcome any suggestions for new products.

Thanks for reading my story.

Sebastian xxx