Dogs need nose, skin and paw protection just like we do!


What can you do to help your pooch survive the seasons with paw pads and noses in tact?


Just like us, dogs can suffer from dry skin, cracked pads and sore noses and can be affected by the changing weather and seasons. But there is lots you can do to prepare them for and help them through the seasons with balms and waxes.

Helping them enjoy summer months to the max!

In the summer months, the hot pavements and burning sun can cause similar effects of cracking pads and dry skin. Further still the heat can cause itchy skin and discomfort for them as well as a real risk of sunburn if they are out on the open for long periods of time under the hot sun.

As well as ensuring that your best friend has plenty of cold, fresh water and places to provide shade, you can also consider using a dog sunscreen (notably on noses or any exposed skin) to ensure they don’t get burned in the sun. We’ve all had sunburn at some point and it’s incredibly uncomfortable as it would be for a dog so prevention is always a good idea.

Getting through the winter months

In the winter, the freezing weather, rain, icy conditions can wear dog pads down so they become painful and cracked. Even noses can get a little cold and weathered.

It’s not just that, dogs usually spend more time indoors in the winter months which means that the dry conditions caused by central heating and wood burners can dry out their noses too!

For drying noses, a dog nose balm applied once a day can work preventative wonders, protecting, moisturising and soothing their noses so they can avoid dryness.

For dog paws, using a dog paw balm can help to moisturise and provide relief for cracked paws. Using daily, usually just before bed to prevent baml paw prints, by massaging in a small amount of balm into the pads will help prevent discomfort. If pads are already cracked then using twice a day will help to heal those doggie pads.

Once pads are in a good place, it’s a good idea to use a paw wax to protect from the harsher, colder weather. Apply a paw wax just before a walk to provide protection from the road surfaces.

Signs of discomfort to watch out for during the seasons

Signs that might indicate discomfort in paws might be limping or not putting full weight on a paw. Dogs commonly lick areas that are causing them discomfort as well so another sign that their paws might need attention.

Arnica Flower

Signs of itchy skin are very easy to spot. Dogs will scratch the same places consistently and often. That’s often a sign that they are experiencing skin discomfort. They may also roll around in the grass for longer periods than usual, trying to get that itch that paws won’t reach. 


Sore noses can be quite common with dogs that have folds of skin on their faces. Some dogs naturally have folds of skin around their bodies too. Scratching and rubbing faces against things are sure signs, as well as redness or even flaky skin. 

What products are available?

Soothing nose and paw protection balms will help reduce discomfort and itchiness so that’s always a good first point of call. However, if symptoms persist, then a visit to the vet to check things out is a good next step.

For pads, you can find paw balms and waxes to protect and soothe. You may also want to consider paw boots if your pooch is very susceptible to problems with their pads.

For itchy skin, there are a huge number of products on the market that you can choose from. As with humans all dogs are different so you may need to try a number of different products before finding the right one. The same goes for sunscreen.

Why use natural balms and salves for your pooch instead of the big brands?

Natural balms are much better for the environment as they don’t contain chemicals that can also be the cause of itchiness and skin problems themselves. They usually contain natural oils and butters such as shea butter, almond oil and coconut oils. We also include key soothing essential oils such as lavender essential oil, marjoram essential oil and hemp seed oil; also niaouli essential oil which is an alternative to tea tree essential oil.

These gentle but powerful ingredients mean that you can care for your dog in a natural way, not exposing them to chemicals. Much the same way as you would do for yourself!

Check out our fully natural pet care range with nose, skin and paw protection for dogs. We also have a new vegan dog paw and nose balm following requests from our customers.

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