Bacuri butter

Very little known in the UK at this moment in time, Bacuri Butter tends to be more solid than oils. This is why it is called a butter.  It comes from the Amazon Rainforest and they press the seeds of Platonia Insignis to make it. Platonia Insignis is more commonly known as Bacuri or Bakuri, hence the name Bacuri Butter.

Historically the Amazonian tribes used it as a natural remedy for various conditions or situations. And it is still incredibly popular in Brazil, notably in the North of Brazil, today. The Brazilians use it for all sorts – from various skin care products to skin care for certain conditions to sunblock. Outside skin related, Brazilians also use Bacuri Butter for soothing muscle pain, arthritis and even rheumatism.

It is brown in colour, somewhere between medium to a dark brown and often almost black in its base form. As an unrefined product it does have quite a strong smell which is akin to forest or wood soil (according to some). However, in our products we use it in conjunction with other ingredients which help to bring out a lighter and more tantalizing aroma – some say like spiced Rum (though this is a personal thing:))

It also has an extremely high absorption rate which means it is also a wonderful emolient.

NOTE: This is a Butter we have used in the past but are not currently using in our current product range. Do get in touch if you are interested in a product containing Bacuri Butter as we are always happy to get feedback and input into future ranges.



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