Apricot kernel oil

 Apricot Kernel oil comes from the kernel of the Prunus Armeniaca, or Apricot. It is a great carrier oil because it absorbs quickly and it is also light to the feel. Furthermore Apricot Kernel oil isn’t overly greasy unlike some other carrier oils.

Suitable for all skin types, it is more expensive than an Almond oil but worth the extra pennies as it is great for skin and has both astringent and toning properties.

We use it in many of our remedies as a lovely complementary carrier oil for our proprietary blends of Essential oils. These include all of our muscle rubs such as our Wintergreen rub and our Outback rub, as well as some of the seasonal skin care ranges.


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We have four ingredient categories which include butters and carrier oils which are the carriers for essential oils. 

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