Castor oil

Who’s not heard of Castor oil and granny giving it to you for every ailment possible!

And in fact, it is still used today for a variety of different conditions from gastrointestinal cramping to ringworm, from arthritis to hair conditioning, from laxative to stretch mark treatment.

It is produced from the seeds of the Castor plant, Ricinus Communis, which can be found in India and Africa.

We use it in our muscle rubs for its believed antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the relief it can provide its users.

We also use it in our lip balms for because it creates a natural barrier on the lips especially the Night Care lip balm which you want to stay on overnight or when your lips are really dry. It also can be found in the Foot Care balm as well as the Hard working hands balm.

You should consult a doctor before use if you are pregnant.



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We have four ingredient categories which include butters and carrier oils which are the carriers for essential oils. 

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