Olive oil

We all know and love Olive oil, its virtues as an oil to put on salads and bring you good health. However, it does have topical uses also – think about it, Olive oil soap is a mainstay of any Greek supermarket!

So how is it made? Much like other oils we use, it is pressed from the fruit (Olives in this case) of the Olea Europaea tree.

As it is such a common and of course easy oil to find, Extra Virgin Olive oil is an obvious choice of ingredient in our products. It is more greasy when used alone so we are careful of the quantities we use in our products and usually combine it with another oil to ensure we get the benefits without the heaviness.


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Because it is high in vitamins that are soluble in fat, Extra Virgin Olive oil helps to rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, helps with inflammation caused by various skin conditions and can even help with hair and scalp conditioning.

It’s an oil that has some many beneficial properties, clearly used for centuries by our Mediterranean friends and is just healthy (unless you drink it like water of course!)

We love it for all the reasons above and we use it in our Lavender muscle rub and our Green rub.

Ingredient categories

We have four ingredient categories which include butters and carrier oils which are the carriers for essential oils. 

For humans and pets too!

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