Sunflower oil

We all (well probably all) cook or have cooked with Sunflower oil at some point. And we have probably all eaten sunflower seeds before. However, it is less known for its use on skin products or its use as a Carrier oil.

Again it is an oil that is extracted through a pressing method; from the seeds of the Helianthus Annus, which is the common variety of the Sunflower plant.

It is a great foundation oil for any preparation because it is an oil that works well on a wide range of skin types and has a very light and non-greasy feel to it.

We use it infused with Arnica flower extract and Comfrey flower extract for our Green muscle rub because it mixes so well and of course for all the reasons above!

You will also find Calendula flower infused Sunflower oil in much of our pet care range as it is completely safe for cats, dogs and horses.


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We have four ingredient categories which include butters and carrier oils which are the carriers for essential oils. 

For humans and pets too!

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