Copaiba esential oil

Copaiba Essential Oil is relatively unused and even unknown in our part of the world (Europe). However, it is incredibly common and used widely in South America as a natural remedy. The official Latin name is Copaifera Officinalis and it is a tree found in the tropics that can grow to over a hundred feet. This is a sustainable source as it is wild harvested.

Differently to many the essential oils we use at Oomeo, Copaiba Essential Oil is extracted from the resin of the tree using steam distillation. It has a variety of known uses from traditional health practises of native peoples to cosmetics and perfumes.

However, we use it for its analgesic properties that help ease and relieve discomfort in muscles. 

NOTE: This is an Essential Oil we have used in the past but are not currently using in our current product range. Do get in touch if you are interested in a product containing Copaiba Essential Oil as we are always happy to get feedback and input into future ranges.



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