Candelilla wax

We use Candelilla wax in our vegan products, including our vegan dog paw and nose balm, as a setting, thickening and hardening ingredient.

Candelilla wax is a plant-based, yellowy brown wax and often used as an alternative to beeswax and to carnauba wax. It is a lot shinier than a beeswax and the colour seems a bit strange for a wax. It’s also three to four times more expensive than a beeswax, however, because it is plant based, it is excellent for vegan products, balms, creams, salves etc.

It comes from the leaves of the Candelilla plant or shrub which is most commonly found in the south of the USA and the north of Mexico.

It is commonly used in cosmetics, hair and skin products as it helps to condition and nourish the skin as well as not having any odour. It can also be used in candles much like other waxes.

Candelilla wax is an excellent addition to dog and human products because it is rich in nutrients, absorbs quickly and works as a barrier.



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