In the noughties an event happened that changed my life. I bought a cement barbecue that weighed a ton. In haste to see it built, I tried to piece it together on my own. Lifting a chunky piece of it, I suddenly felt like my back was about to explode. Dropping that chunk of cement, I thought no more of it; I had a sore back but hey, who hasn’t?

I thought no more about it but as months wore on I found that I started to get muscular pains in places that didn’t make sense. I’d always had bad posture and therefore neck pain, but I’d never had pain in my the muscles of my shins or my arms for no reason.

Initial trips to the doctors showed up nothing. I had x-rays, blood tests, bone checks, muscle checks but everything showed I was healthy. So I started physio sessions in a bid to at least try to manage the pain, then added acupuncture sessions.

As time wore on, the pains kept spreading and getting worse. To the point that I couldn’t sleep properly for the pain and discomfort; if I changed position I would have maybe 15 minutes before the pressure of touching the bed would create enough pain to wake me up. To the point that I could no longer climb hills and enjoy the outdoors with my family. To the point that I felt miserable and powerless to do anything.

Many more trips to the doctor’s surgery and hospital, and god only knows how many more additional tests, it was clear that the medical practitioners couldn’t work out what was wrong with me. I was still in agony and convinced there was something wrong with me.

In my quest to source relief for my severe muscular pains, I researched all possible conditions I might have and what possible remedies were out there. And I stumbled across an oil based muscle rub, quite accidentally, being made and sold by an Australian who was touring the local fairs.

I could instantly feel the soothing effects. My muscles felt less tight, I felt less pain. I was even able to take my dogs out for a walk without any notable pain for the first time in ages.

The natural progression from there was to start making my own muscle rubs. Leaving my job to set up the company with my partner, Heidi, I have loved every second from creating my product range (even through the sometimes disastrous first trials) to working on labels.

We’ve already branched out our Oomeo product range into all natural lip salves / balms as Heidi has suffered from dry lips since forever and are working on others.

And I have found that I just love the challenge of finding new recipes and extending the product range – I am always welcome to get suggestions if you have any!

They are not medical products, but they are products that are designed to soothe away your aches and pains whether they are activity-related or condition-related. And it is all natural goodness too.

For me, I still keep up the physio sessions and the acupuncture but much less frequently as I have my rubs that really help me to manage my aches and pains.

Thanks to the Oomeo muscle rubs, I am able to keep active and live a relatively normal life. My condition, whatever it may be, is still there and I have accepted that there is no cure, but I manage it well with the rubs and have recovered much of my former activity levels.

I hope that you will share in my passion for natural remedies and welcome any suggestions for new products.

Thanks for reading my story.

Sebastian xxx