Beard care

Beard care balms and oils

This range of beard care includes beard balms and beard oils. Specially designed to be 100% natural care for soothing and moisturising beards.

There is an unscented option as well as Fresh, Woody and Citrus scents. The unscented option is made of a proprietary blend of butters and oils to give the deep moisturising and soothing sensation that beards and skin demand. The others contain that same proprietary blend but with the addition of essential oil. Fresh beard care contains peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. Woody beard care contains pine, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils. And the Citrus beard care contain Clementine and Lemon essential oils.

Great for soothing skin and beards and great for moisturising also! And like all of our ranges, a little usually goes an awful long way:)