Lava bead bracelet

Lava bead bracelet

Lava bead bracelet


Lava bead bracelet

Lava beads are porous, which means that they are able to absorb liquid. We love these double lava bead bracelets because you can use them to hold your favourite essential oils and essential oil blends. You can even use them for your favourite perfumes if you prefer.

Each of these lava bead bracelets includes a small wooden detail that make them perfect for both men and women alike.

As this is an elastic bracelet, it will adjust to fit most sizes of wrist.

We also stock a range of pure, natural essential oils and essential oil blends to complement our lava bead bracelets.

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Product details

Lava bead bracelet


All lava beads are approximately 8mm in diameter.


Natural lava stone.


Lava bead bracelets and beads will vary in colour as they are made from natural stone.

We also stock lava bead bracelets with chakra stones, adjustable chakra stones and double lava bead bracelets.

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