Necklace diffuser pads (30mm)

Felt pads 30mm

Necklace diffuser pads (30mm)


Aromatherapy necklace diffuser pads: 30mm diameter

Necklace diffuser pads for replacement or change of essential oil use. Fits necklace lockets of 30 mm diameter. Change your look with a choice of 16 colours available, just choose from the colour options below.

We also stock 25 mm diameter diffuser pads.

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Product details

Necklace diffuser pads for refill or change of essential oil


Put into the diffuser locket and dab a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil or essential oil blend. Can also be used to diffuse your favourite perfumes.


This product is suitable for round aromatherapy necklace lockets or bracelets that are 30mm in diameter. If you have a smaller locket, we also supply replacement pads in 25mm.




white, grey, black, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red, light pink, dark pink, purple, light green, lime green, dark green, turquoise, medium blue, dark blue

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