Dog sunscreen

Dog sunscreen


Protect your pooch from sun burn!

Dogs can get sunburn just like we do by being exposed to strong UV’s so we have created a fully natural, easy-to-apply, dog sunscreen.

With only four natural ingredients and no chemicals, you get SPF 15 protection which creates a protective barrier against harmful UV rays while moisturising the skin at the same time.

Why not give your furry friend piece of mind (and a shiny, healthy snout and skin)!

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Protect your pooch from sun burn!

Perfect for the beach and outdoors activities to protect from the sun whether winter glare or summer heat. And it’s a 100% natural and lick safe safe dog sunscreen that comes in a handy stick for application purposes.

Dogs get sunburn like we do especially those with white or thin hair and those with pink skin. Nose and snout, pointy ears and exposed or shaved skin are particularly susceptible to sunburn. UV rays also reflect up from sand or sidewalks. While it is always best to stay in the shade and avoid peak sunshine hours that it is not always possible so give them the protection they deserve while they play on the beach, venture outdoors or sunbathe.
Our dog sunscreen comes in a handy oval stick making it easy to apply. It creates a protective barrier against harmful UV rays while moisturising the skin. It is a completely natural product that has a moisturising base containing hemp seed and coconut oils, shea butter and beeswax as well as extra vitamin E.
It is 100% safe for pooches and provides the equivalent of an SPF15 when compared to our human sun creams.


Beeswax, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, titanium dioxide (8%), shea butter, vitamin E


Apply liberally on nose, snout, pink skin and belly every few hours.


15 ml recyclable stick packaging


If symptoms persist, please seek medical advice from a vet.



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