Wholesale dog elbow balm (30ml)

Wholesale dog elbow balm (30ml)


Wholesale dog elbow balm (30ml): nourishing elbow butter

Just like us, man’s best friend can also suffer from dry skin, notably round the elbow areas which suffer pressure from hard surfaces when they lie or sleep on the floor. This dog elbow balm is made of 100% natural ingredients and is designed to soothe and moisturise dry and cracked elbows. Please note that this will not remove calluses but will help soften and ease discomfort from hardened skin.

Great for use in all seasons but especially when pooch elbows can be affected by extreme temperatures. Massage a small pea-sized amount into elbow areas up to three times a day; ideally when your dog is at rest so that the dog elbow balm has time to sink in.

Buy in 6, 10 or 20 pieces. We also sell a 50 ml size for retail or for wholesale.


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Wholesale dog elbow balm

As part of our pooch protection range for wholesale, our Dog elbow balm is made of completely natural ingredients and is designed to help dogs who suffer from dry skin around the elbow area . We all suffer from dry skin notably in areas that get lots of wear and tear such as our knobbly knees, rough elbows and it is the same for our favourite doggie friends.

Many dogs will sleep or lie pretty much anywhere, especially if they can get closer to us and even if a nice comfortable bed is available. However, repeated pressure from hard surfaces can start to wear and tear, especially on bony parts like elbows, and can cause the skin to toughen and harden. What commonly happens after a while is that the fur will start to fall off and the exposed skin gets rougher and thickens. This can result is a callus forming which is the body’s natural way of trying to protect the elbow.

Larger dog breeds are more prone to develop calluses due to their weight and increased pressure on surfaces. Their elbows can become uncomfortable, itchy and even crack and bleed, not unlike what happens to our own feet over time. We will use foot creams and moisturising balms or salts to help with our foot care so just like for us, we have created a balm to help your dog with their elbows.

Our Dog elbow balm is made of 100% natural ingredients;a combination of Hemp seed and Calendula oils and shea butter is mixed with natural vitamin E and Niaouli (similar to Tea Tree Oil) essential oil, which is a mild and safe essential oil for use with dogs.

When used on a daily basis it will help moisturise and soften the skin. While it will not remove the callus, it will help to make it more comfortable, less itchy and less likely to crack.


We use a blend of hemp seed oilolive oilshea buttercoconut oilbeeswaxcalendula flower infused sunflower oil, sweet almond oilniaouli essential oilcedarwood essential oilvitamin E


Rub a small amount into the affected area (s) of your dog’s elbow(s) up to three times a day ideally before rest / sleep periods. A small pea-sized amount should be sufficient as a little will go a long way.


Our dog elbow balm is packaged in fully recyclable aluminium tins or 30 ml or 50 ml sizes.


This product may be a little bit greasy because of all the moisturising oils and butters so it’s best to avoid allowing your pooch on the sofa or carpets for 20 minutes or so to allow the product to sink in. Although licking a little bit won’t hurt your doggie, please don’t allow them to eat ca whole pot as it is not intended as a food source.





6 @ £3.00 a piece, 10 @ £2.75 a piece, 20 @ £2.25 a piece

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